project ammonia - Lewis structure Ammonia is a chemical...

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 Lewis structure  Valence Structure for ammonia Ammonia is a chemical compound made of nitrogen 82% and hydrogen 18%. Ammonia, which contains one anion of nitrogen and tree cation of hydrogen, is a gas can be founded in naturally in our atmosphere. Unlike other type of chemical compound, ammonia can be found in water, soil and even air. Salts of ammonia have been know from very early times and were part of earlier chemistry via Roman and Muslim civilization. Ammonia is one of the most highly produced inorganic chemicals. Ammonia or NH3 has widespread use in many industrial sectors and is one of the most highly produced chemicals in the world. Our motive of writing this research paper is inform the reader about historical information of ammonia, present chemical and physical properties of ammonia, and preview ammonia industry in Qatar. History of ammonia Salts of ammonia have been known from very early times. Romans used ammonium chloride. In the other hand, Muslim in the 8 th century was the first civilization mentioned ammonia as a chemical compound. Jabir bin Hayyan studied ammonia through different ammonia salts. Jabir early effort paved the way for modern scientists. The 19 th century was a huge trend for ammonia history because global consumption of ammonia was increasing; however, old therapy of producing ammonia would not be able to meet future demands. Haber, Germen chemist, innovate an alternative method to produce ammonia from the nitrogen contained in the air. Haber new method of producing ammonia makes ammonia an inorganic chemical industry. Structure of ammonia Ammonia molecule is an integration of one atom of nitrogen and tree atoms of hydrogen. Ammonia molecules have a trigonal pyramidal shape. A molecule has a trigonal pyramidal shape when one atom w is in the center and this atom linked with tree atoms in the corners. To illustrate, nitrogen atom will be as an apex, while the tree hydrogen atoms will
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project ammonia - Lewis structure Ammonia is a chemical...

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