ANTH101 - Anth 101 LECTURE 1 Anthropology: study of all...

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Anth 101 LECTURE 1 - Anthropology: study of all aspects of humanity during all times in all places - When, where and why humans appeared on earth - How and why they changed - How and why modern human populations vary in certain physical features - How and why past and present cultures vary - Concern with variation . .cultural and biological - Holistic : Culture must be looked at in broad at context to understand connections - Comparative: How and why beliefs, behavior and organization are similar or different between groups of people - Relativistic: Interested in why people in one culture will judge the beliefs and behavior and things in other cultures as good/bad/right or wrong. Anthropology Subdisciplines: - Anthropology Social/cultural, Linguistics, Biological, Archaeology, medical - Biological Anthropology: The study of human biology, with emphasis on interaction between biology and culture o Skeletal Biology-bioarchaeology: Analysis and interpretation of human bones, generally from archaeology Growth and development Health and disease o Paleoarthopology: Reconstruct course of human biological evolutions Study fossils and identify species
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o Primatology: Study of biological and social behavior of non-human primates o Forensic Anthropology: Application of anthropological techniques as knowledge to locate, document, recover and analyze human remains in a medical-legal context. Example: Determining the cause of death using dental records to identify sex o Molecular Anthropology: Study of human evolution and variation using techniques of molecular genetics (DNA, RNA) - Archaeology: The study of past humans primarily via their material remains o Pre-construct Archaeology: Study of cultures that do not possess writin ( don’t confuse absence of writing with absence of history) In north America study of aboriginal cultures before arrival of Europeans o Historical Archaeology: Study of cultures with written records Involves the combination of archaeological and documentary evidence Example: Study of Yukon gold rush, ship wrecks Prevalence of anthropology: - Counteract intolerance stemming from a lack of understanding of why people vary in their behaviors and physical appearances - Heritage is a key component of identity, both personal and community - Issues we face today have roots in the past, archaeology can help create a better link between contemporary society and the past, providing a clear picture of current issue Scientific Method And Anthropology: - Biocultural approach:
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ANTH101 - Anth 101 LECTURE 1 Anthropology: study of all...

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