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Chapter 3 Part 1- End of chapter Questions Answer 1: In simple words, diversity means the differences between the people based mainly on ethnicity, color, religion and race. Many other factors such as gender, disability, national origin and sexual orientation also affect diversity at workplace. It is very important to value diversity because it allows us to compare and contrast between the different values and beliefs of different people. We can make mental judgments related to the lifestyles of people and decide about the best and the worst. Valuing diversity at workplace makes us feel comfortable at work and it has a significant impact on our relationships at workplace. Many individual characteristics such as communication style, life experiences, educational background and certain personal perspectives play an important in understanding the value of diversity at workplace. Our important decisions, changes and problems of life depend on the personal perspectives and individual characteristics. Valuing diversity is all about knowing how to maintain the personal opinions and how to respect, accept and understand others differences. The other main reason to value diversity is that an organization can save a lot of bucks if they understand the true meaning of diversity and how to value it. Adding to this, the demographic shifts make it more necessary to value diversity. The demographics shifts affect the U.S workplace in a drastic way. With the changing democratic
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chap3bmgt - Chapter 3 Part 1- End of chapter Questions...

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