Bmgt asg 2 - Bmgt asg 2 Chapter Three:Part-1 1. Irish men...

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Bmgt asg 2 Chapter Three:- Part-1 1. Irish men discrimination: - Catholic population in Ireland and rest of the Europe started unit together. Irish were also Christians but they were Catholic while the British were Protestants. So the British were threatened and to establish their political superiority, the British wanted to crush the Irish, since they were in the support of the French who were a major Catholic power in Europe. Thereby the English devised the Penal Laws which prohibited the Irish from the army, navy, law, commerce and all other civic activities. Irish were also banned from education or sending their children to foreign countries for education. When the Irish came to the U.S., they were treated as slaves the same way as blacks. The Irish men were forced to mate with Black slaves to produce slave children because eighth part of African-American was also considered as slaves. Thus the Irish males also faced discrimination. German-Italian men discrimination: - there groups were discriminated on the basis of the events in WW2. These people were termed as “enemy aliens” that could be oppressed. They were forced out their homes and prohibited to enter the costal zones. Plenty of them were arrested and interned in the military camps. These all happened although they were white colored. 2.The groups that include Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, and German-Americans are people who migrated to the USA are considered ‘White’ as they maintain a dominant culture and have a white skin. Also they considered Christianity as their
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Bmgt asg 2 - Bmgt asg 2 Chapter Three:Part-1 1. Irish men...

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