Bmgt asg 5 - Bmgt asg 5 Assignment 5 Chapter 11 2....

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Bmgt asg 5 Assignment 5 Chapter 11 2. Affirmative action policies have got positive results. There has been phenomenal increase in the representation of women and minorities across all levels of employment in the United States and within organizations that were once only held by males. The largest beneficiaries of the affirmative action are the Caucasian women. According to the researches done, the breaking of the glass ceiling has occurred only because of the affirmative action policies. According to the census statistics, the median income for full time working women was about 74-78 % that of men. Woman of color though still face prejudice and is still a real barrier, despite one’s qualifications, and that affirmative action provides a fair chance for one’s abilities to be considered. Women of color also have been benefitted. They represent a slightly more concentration in private sector as compared to before. Yet there exists a concrete ceiling for them which is yet to be broken and needs more affirmative action. 4. Implementation of affirmative action in job recruitment can attract a wide range of applicants. It is an important part of the organization’s brand image. Additionally, it also counters the impact of negative events, discrimination lawsuits, and rumors about individual incidents by reinforcing positive perception. Some recruitment techniques are: i. Making sure that the interviewing panel is culturally diverse so that there is minimum bias. ii. Make sure that all levels of management have sufficient diversity training in order to implement a fair evaluation during the hiring process. iii. Encouraging placement interns and co-ops who are members of diverse groups.
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Bmgt asg 5 - Bmgt asg 5 Assignment 5 Chapter 11 2....

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