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Name: Dhavalkumar Shah Chapter 3: Internet Assignment Find an article that addresses the role of white men and diversity. Summarize what the article says and state if you agree or disagree with its viewpoint. Role of White Male and Diversity Adult white males make up the mainstream of the US economy and women, black and immigrants and other minorities need a platform to work and get appointed in the companies. There is a white male domination in US firms and white males have a prejudice towards other minorities and women. This was quite more prevalent before thirty years but in today’s scenario we have half of the workforce at the lower level consisting of women, black, immigrants and other minorities. Thus the minorities now have a boarding pass to the entry of jobs in any work field. The question now is to go to the next managing level or even higher where there is white male dominance. In the corporate world what matters are the results of the workplace diversity! It has been observed that the diversity does not give effective results until and unless it is trained
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ch -3 BMGT - Name Dhavalkumar Shah Chapter 3 Internet...

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