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Name Dhavalkumar Shah Chapter 6 Internet Assignments Find out about the black inventors List eight to nine of the inventions that you use in a normal week Answer the following questions: Black seem to be highlighted when it comes to sports and entertainment or civil rights what is your view on sharing these important scientific contributions to Us Society how can this cultural knowledge change one’s view of blacks? Willard H Bennett was the inventor of the radio frequency of the mass spectrometer Nathaniel Alexander patented a folding chair. Thomas Elkins developed an improved refrigerator. Augustus Jackson developed improved method of preparing Ice cream. Alice Parker invented a new and improved gas heating furnace that provided central heating. Valerie Thomas received a patent in 1980 for inventing an illusion transmitter which is used in televisions. Ruth J Miro invented the personalized ring binder Joseph Dickinson invented the improvements for many musical instruments.
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This insight to the discoveries of black totally changed my view. I used to assume blacks to be
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ch -6 BMGT - Name Dhavalkumar Shah Chapter 6 Internet...

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