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Defining Race and Ethnicity CheckPoint

Defining Race and Ethnicity CheckPoint - everyone is the...

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According to the assigned reading, what do the terms race and ethnicity mean? Race would mean any of the minorities and the corresponding majorities that are socially set apart because of obvious physical differences. This would mean any differences in hair color, shape of the persons eyes, and most noticeable the color of their skin. Ethnicity would mean anyone who is treated differently on a basis of cultural differences, such as language, attitudes toward marriage and parenting, and food habits. These are people who are set apart from others because of their national origin or distinctive cultural patterns. What do these terms mean to you? Race to me means just means the color of someone’s skin. I personally don’t look at people for their color I know that
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Unformatted text preview: everyone is the same on the inside and that’s what I see. Ethnicity to me means the person’s cultural upbringing. This is something that is a good thing and I look at this in people. Everyone in America came from a different background and without all of these people making up America; we would not be who we are today. Why are these concepts important to United States society? I think that both of these concepts are important to United States society because this is what makes America. The fact that we all come from different places and different backgrounds is something great. The fact that we can fit into one society and function as one nation is something that no other country has and this is important to us....
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