DQ2 - accepting of who people are then this may help....

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Racial prejudice is everywhere and it seems to be becoming a bigger and bigger problem with every year. The video of the Interracial Couple Denied Marriage in Louisiana was very close to home for me. I personally know someone who was denied marriage because they were of different races. I am not sure if eliminating racial prejudice and stereotypes is even possible in my generation, however maybe starting with a younger generation may help. If more people told their children that it is ok to be
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Unformatted text preview: accepting of who people are then this may help. Another way is for everyone to take a look at their selves and figure out what stereotype others would fit them into. We all in some way fit into a stereotype, just because people can't help but judge and categorize doesn’t mean WE have to. The best thing to do is before you make a statement or think of someone in a certain way put myself in the shoes and see how you feel about it. More than likely, you wouldn't like it....
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