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I think the notion of African Slavery being a part of American History has helped this generation as well as the next and so on learn just how far everyone has come. It shows just how much we have to strive to work together and to be a part of a whole instead of keeping people from doing what they need the most and that is just to have the freedom to live and to have a family. I think now most people can look back and say I will make sure that we never go back to the way things “were”, and know that things will never go in reverse. The right to an education is the biggest
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Unformatted text preview: thing for me to see. Back just less than 35 years ago many African Americans were not allowed to attend school, now look we have an African American President. This to me shows that anything is possible if you have faith. Another example is the fact that interracial couples are slowly becoming more acceptable. It is still frowned upon in some locations and religions but I think the times are coming closer to being ok with the idea....
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