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CheckpointThe Official Language Movement - Official...

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Official Language Movement The Case against Bilingual Education Summery This article is based on providing the history behind providing bilingual languages in the educational system, what positives it has brought since providing funding for the bilingual act, but also provides information that states that it is truly not helping the recipient of intent and that is the children of America. SCHOOL MATTERS: Texas Lesson – Educators Embrace Bilingualism This article looks at the policies set in place on a United States Government scale and on a state by state scale. Thus informing the reader that the government implementation is pointless to the younger generation and looking more to the mid level children. Such as the No Child Left Behind act that does not truly effect children until they reach third grade. It also provides positive aspects of the bilingual program that Texas has implemented to diversify their educational system to multiple languages.
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CheckpointThe Official Language Movement - Official...

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