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Week 2 Checkpoint Total Quality Management.

Week 2 Checkpoint Total Quality Management. - the planner...

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If I were the front office manager I would try to get things to calm down in the lobby. I would first start with trying to find a pet sitting/room and board for the people who have brought the pets as they were told that the pets were not to come. I would try to find a reasonable group rate for them to be accommodated. Doing this would also allow more time to get the rooms together for the guests. I would then let the banquet servers know not to put the ice sculptures out as we have realized that the air is out and the sculptures would melt rapidly. Once everything has calmed down I would take a deep breath and analyze everything as what needs to take place so that this type of situation does not arise again. There are many different opportunities for improving communications. First and foremost I would verify who booked the pet Owners group and all the details provided. The day before the event I would request that
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Unformatted text preview: the planner give the participants a call reminding them that no pets are allowed. I would have a meeting early morning to ensure that everyone knows what is going on. I would let maintenance know that if they are not able to contact by phone then it is imperative that they come and see us to let us know any issues. I would also let every department know that if they see something out of the ordinary to report it. For the guests that were there the night before for the previous convention. I would let them know that late checkout is not available as the rooms have been booked. This would allow for housekeeping to get in and get the rooms ready. I would also make sure that there is a way for all staff to keep communication lines open. I feel that the best thing for this would be some sort of walkie talkie system. This way if we do not get the calls coming in we would still be able to get the report of a situation....
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