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375 The Principle of Supply Chain Management in Real Estate Enterprise Zhumingqiang 1 , Youqiyong 2 1 Wuhan Polytechnic University, Wuhan, China Email: [email protected] 2 Wuhan Polytechnic University, Wuhan, China Email: [email protected] Abstract According to the definition of supply chain management, giving its connotation in detail. Analyzing the real estate enterprise impact on the environment protection and sustainable development, reviewing the implementation of the supply chain management in developed countries and regions construction industry, studying on how to implement supply chain management in the real estate enterprise. Index Terms supply chain, real estate enterprise, application, proposal I. INTRODUCTION With China's accession to the WTO, the economic development is rapidly progressing in all segments including the real estate market which becomes more internationalized. Because more foreign real estate development companies swarm into Chinese market, the competition is hot up visibly. Developers will have a choice: in the fierce competition, how can we get more advantages to achieve further development of enterprise innovation and development? In the process, the application of the value chain is a very important aspect, for some reason, the lack of attention by the Chinese real estate development enterprise to these two documents has seriously retarded the development of its own innovation. In view of this, this paper focuses on the use of the value chain concept to promote the development of innovative real estate ideas. Further more, it also proposed to include the concept of value chain to the real estate development industry as one of the key development strategies. II. THE CONTENT OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The so-called supply chain refers to focus on core business, through the logistics, information flow and capital flow control, from procurement of raw materials, intermediate goods and even the final product, finally from the sales network to the hands of the consumer, products will be sent to suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, end-users, and will connect the functions of a whole network structure. Supply chain management is an integrated management ideas and methods, is the entire supply chain from the perspective of the traditional business enterprises within the sector between enterprises and the functions of the system, strategic coordination, to improve supply chain and every the long-term corporate performance. In recent years academics have made an in-depth study in the supply chain strategic design, planning and operation. Some famous multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart, P & G, have achieved tremendous results in the practice of supply chain management. Green supply chain management is based on green manufacturing and supply chain management theory of technology, involving suppliers, manufacturers, vendors and users. Its purpose is making products from raw materials
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