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Checkpoint: Long-term simulation The greatest challenge for the caseworker in this simulation would be to determine what is best for the patient. Sometimes as a caseworker one might make a decision that the patient dislikes. The challenges a caseworker faces when working with the placement of the elderly in long –term care facilities, how will the patient pay for cost. It was har making the decision for Mrs. W, I actually would have put her in the assisted living unit after she got out of the hospital because her daughter us out of state and the question of who will tend to her overnight will be asked.
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Unformatted text preview: As well as can she afford to live in her own house. The story never mentioned if the daughter was given the choice to take care of her mother. The story just said her daughter was a single mom with a fixed income. The caseworker could have offered the same in home treatment at her daughters house. The only difference is that the Mrs. W will have someone at night. During the day the physical therapist and the caregiver can take care of her. If she was unable to take care of her I would put her in an assisted living facility....
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