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CS301 – Data Structures Lecture No. 01 ___________________________________________________________________ Data Structure Lecture No. 01 Reading Material Data Structures and algorithm analysis in C++ Chapter. 3 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1 Summary Introduction to Data Structures Selecting a Data Structure Data Structure Philosophy Goals of this Course Array List data structure Welcome to the course of data structure. This is very important subject as the topics covered in it will be encountered by you again and again in the future courses. Due to its great applicability, this is usually called as the foundation course. You have already studied Introduction to programming using C and C++ and used some data structures. The focus of that course was on how to carry out programming with the use of C and C++ languages besides the resolution of different problems. In this course, we will continue problem solving and see that the organization of data in some cases is of immense importance. Therefore, the data will be stored in a special way so that the required result should be calculated as fast as possible. Following are the goals of this course: Prepare the students for (and is a pre-requisite for) the more advanced material students will encounter in later courses. Cover well-known data structures such as dynamic arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs. Implement data structures in C++ You have already studied the dynamic arrays in the previous course. We will now discuss linked lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs and try to resolve the problems with the help of these data structures. These structures will be implemented in C++ language. We will also do programming assignments to see the usage and importance of these structures. Information about Data Structure subject is available at: “http://www.vu.edu.pk/ds”. Page 1 of 9
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CS301 – Data Structures Lecture No. 01 ___________________________________________________________________ Introduction to Data Structures Let’s discuss why we need data structures and what sort of problems can be solved with their use. Data structures help us to organize the data in the computer, resulting in more efficient programs. An efficient program executes faster and helps minimize the usage of resources like memory, disk. Computers are getting more powerful with the passage of time with the increase in CPU speed in GHz, availability of faster network and the maximization of disk space. Therefore people have started solving more and more complex problems. As computer applications are becoming complex, so there is need for more resources. This does not mean that we should buy a new computer to make the application execute faster. Our effort should be to ensue that the solution is achieved with the help of programming, data structures and algorithm. What does organizing the data mean? It means that the data should be arranged in a
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CS301-Lec01 handout - Data Structures(CS301 handout of...

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