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   Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Jill Bergkamp ENC 1102 11 February 2010 Small Group Decisions In today's society small groups are in charge of making decisions, for example United States Congress is a small group that is in charge of running the whole country. One of the problems that might arise with having such a small group controlling such a big country is that sometimes Congress's decisions can cause disasters to happen. Sometimes having a group making an important decision can be catastrophic like what happened with the Columbia space shuttle. However, small groups also have benefits, they unite people of a common background to mourn the death of an idol; similar to when Selena died and many Hispanics came together to honor her. In Diana Taylor's essay "False Identifications: Minority Populations Mourn Diana" and in James Surowiecki's essay “Committees, Juries, and Teams” they both explain the roles of small groups during tragedies. One of the major roles of small groups is to make decisions on how a celebrity that has passed is mourned by letting the ghosting of dead celebrities, and the media influence their decision. Small groups create pieces of art in order to honor a fallen idol or a celebrity that has become a global icon. Some minorities mourn their local celebrities by creating art murals in remembrance of that celebrity. A perfect example is how in almost every Hispanic community a mural of Selena was created. Also, in neighborhoods where different ethnic groups live together, it can be seen how murals have been created to honor different celebrities that did not even belong to those groups. In New York City, murals of African-American celebrities like Tupac
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   Ruz-Mora 2 Shakur are combined with Hispanic celebrities like Selena and global celebrities like Mother Theresa. These murals show the diversity of opinions that the artists who create these murals have in regards to how a celebrity is represented. Many of these small communities are filled with artists that have different opinions when it comes to the representation of celebrities. These artists are deciding for the society where they live how the celebrity is going to be mourned by placing celebrities that are not related to that community in their paintings. The murals show that even though the artists are not familiar up close with the dead celebrity they have an opinion about how that celebrity influenced their society. In Diana Taylor's essay she says that, "In an admonishing mural by A. Charles, Diana's death is depicted as media overkill. She's placed next to fallen African American icons Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson" (230). Princess Diana was placed next to icons of that community were the mural was painted even though some people of that community probably did not have an opportunity to meet her. This shows that one of the aspects needed for small groups to have success is diversity of opinion. In addition, James Surowiecki states in his essay that, "That matters because, in small groups, diversity of opinion is
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Jorge RM Paper 2 Final - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Jill...

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