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Jorge RM Paper 3 Final

Jorge RM Paper 3 Final - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Jill...

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   Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Jill Bergkamp ENC 1102 25 March 2010 One Race: Human Race is a socially constructed grouping composed of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important. Race is socially constructed because it varies depending on the culture and time that is being analyzed. Up to now scientists have not been able to determine an individual’s race based on his genes. In today’s world, intermarriage between persons of different races in very common, making the ties between humans even greater, and lessening the hate between racial groups. As a result of the mixing, it is very hard to find a person with a pure race. In Diana Taylor's essay "False Identifications: Minority Populations Mourn Diana" she explains how minorities mourned Princess Diana, even though they did not knew her. James Surowiecki says in his essay “Committees, Juries, and Teams” that diverse small groups can make beneficiary decisions if they are oriented properly. In addition, in Steve Olson’s essay “End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples” he talks about how intermarriage has almost eradicated the concept of race, using Hawaii as an example. It would be ignorant to say that race has ended when clearly there are acts of racial hatred being committed all over the world. The end of race can be feasible because there is no way to biologically prove the race of a person, individuals of different cultures and races can come together to mourn a celebrity, and the diversity of small groups make the group decisions more accurate.
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   Ruz-Mora 2 One of the factors that can influence the end of race is that scientists cannot determine a person’s race based on genetics. Human beings might have some aspects that differentiate them, but skin deep all humans are the same. Scientists have done research for many years using genetics to try to find the ancestry of test subjects to determine their race. The intermarriage of numerous people from different parts of the world creates similarities in the DNA of all of those people. The marriage of couples of different races has become a common aspect of today’s society; it is no longer seen as an atrocity. Well, what if instead of trying to find what race an individual might belong to, instead all those efforts are used to unite all humans. Then the
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Jorge RM Paper 3 Final - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Jill...

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