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Jorge RM Paper 4 - electrical engineering My parents taught...

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Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Ms. Bonnie Flory SYG 1000-006 18 January 2010 Reflective Journal Entry Assignment # 1 Every human being has something that makes them unique and at the same time all human beings have something that unites them. I have some characteristics that make me unique. For example I was born in Havana, Cuba. I came to this country four years ago. My mom won the Visa Lottery, it's a lottery that gives the person who wins it and their close family a chance to travel to United States. I grew up in a middle class household with my mom and my dad. My parents both have a bachelors degree and that is the reason why I want to achieve a masters in
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Unformatted text preview: electrical engineering. My parents taught me to work hard to achieve anything that I want. I believe that every action and decision that we take during our lives shapes the way society is. It might be in just a small scale but it does influence it somehow. Something as small as the cereal that you chose to eat influences the way society is shaped. I came from a country where we don't have as many freedoms as in United States or chances to own property, cars or any nice electronics. Because of this I have worked very hard to get straight A's so I could go to college without having to pay out of my own pocket....
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