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Jorge RM Revision Project 2

Jorge RM Revision Project 2 - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora...

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   Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Monica Sedore ENC 1101 1 December 2009 The Fight Against Global Terrorism The spread of terrorism is a global problem that needs immediate attention. All the counties in the world that do not support terrorism need to come together to create a strategic plan to stop terrorism from spreading further. In Madeleine Albright's essay "Faith and Diplomacy", in the Dalai Lama's essay "Ethics and the New Genetics " , and in Thomas Friedman's essay "The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention" they all discuss how humanity needs to come up with a plan to stop threats that will have a negative effect in the future of the world. Michael   Pollan's essay "The Animals: Practicing Complexity" talks about how simple strategies can be used to create a self-sufficient environment. Strategies used by peaceful countries to fight global terrorism include using a moral compass's unifying power, engaging in diplomatic relations with hostile countries, creating a special group that control countries with terrorist activities, and including terrorist countries in the global supply chain. To eliminate the threats that terrorism poses on the world, a universal moral compass needs to be created. Most terrorists become terrorists because their religion encourages them to kill their enemy. The terrorist's religion dictates that if fanatics strap a bomb and run into a building full of innocents or into a truck full of soldiers, they will ascend to heaven. A global moral compass should have a point that eliminates all religions and forms a universal religion that makes all humans equal. The universal religion will transform the terrorists into peace loving humans. Because the terrorists do not have a religion that tell them to kill innocents they
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   Ruz-Mora 2 will stop their murderous acts. A global moral compass will create a set of rules that will make all humans the same, meaning that the terrorists will not have a need to kill innocents because they will be equal to all other humans. Madeleine Albright expresses in her essay that, "we share a kinship with one another, however distant it may sometimes seem" (6). All humans have something in common, sometimes that sameness is extremely hard to find. The universal moral compass would reinforce the fact that all humans are similar, turning the terrorists into peaceful humans. In order for the moral compass to work, civil countries need to see that the terrorists are very similar to them, so they can find a connection with the terrorists. In the Dalai Lama's essay he states that, "we need to relate to the challenges we face as a single human family...a necessary principle is a spirit of oneness of the entire human species. Some might object that this is unrealistic. But what other option do we have?" (55). In the fight against terrorists, if non-hostile countries try to make the terrorists believe that they are part of a single human family, then it would become harder for the terrorists to kill innocents. A terrorist would not kill another
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