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Jorge RM Sociology Movie Summary - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora...

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   Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Bonnie Flory Sociological Perspectives 22 April 2010 American Jobs Movie Summary This movie is about the loss of jobs that United States has had in the last couple of years and how it happened. The maker of the movie travels around United States and the world interviewing individuals that worked in factories and that lost their jobs. This movie shows how basically the igniter of the loss of all the jobs in the factories was when Congress passed the NAFTA Treaty. NAFTA is the North American Treaty for Free Trade. NAFTA allowed for goods from China and Mexico to come into United States without getting taxed. At first this had little impact because most of the goods that were consumed in the United States were made in the United States. Chinese goods are cheaper than American goods because it costs less to make them because the people who make them are paid really low wages. This impacted the American Factories tremendously because now Chinese goods were being sold more than American goods because American goods were more expensive to make. The owners of factories in the United States had no other alternative but to move their factories to China or Mexico were the labor is cheaper so they could compete with the prices. Many factories were closed in the United States, causing millions of American that worked in these factories to lose their jobs. In these countries where the factories were moved the conditions for the workers were horrible. In the movie there is an example of a textile factory in Juarez, Mexico where crime is extremely high. A lot of young women disappeared as a cause of this crime wave in Juarez. Conditions in the factories in Bangladesh and China are just as bad if not worst.
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   Ruz-Mora 2 Boeing is an American company that manufactures planes. They had the lead in amount of sales for many years until the Free Trade agreement came into play. Almost all of Boeing’s costumers were taken by the European company Airbus. Airbus took Boeing’s costumers,
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Jorge RM Sociology Movie Summary - RuzMora1 Jorge Ruz-Mora...

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