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Ruz-Mora 1 Jorge Ruz-Mora Monica Sedore ENC 1101 24 September 2009 Religion and Wars For centuries mankind has enlisted in many wars in the name of God and religion. These wars are the bloodiest of all the wars because the people who fight in them are driven by faith, they consider what they are doing good because they are fighting in the name of God . Examples of these wars can be found all throughout history. Some wars were extremely bloody like the Crusades. Others have been going on for centuries like the war between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. Another example is the small scale wars between rebels in Africa. In Madeleine Albright's essay "Faith and Diplomacy" and in the Dalai Lama's essay "Ethics and the New Genetics ", they both discuss how faith is a global issue that limits human kind from coming together as a one family. When looking at faith, many limitations can be found when it comes to dealing with global issues. The biggest issue that limits faith from addressing global issues is being able to stop people from killing in the name of their religion. One of the causes for these wars, is that a religious group wants to take control of a piece of land that has a big religious value. Let's take for example the Crusades. The Christians believed that they had to clean the Holy Land of impurities. Basically, Christian Knights went over to Jerusalem to fight the Muslims because they believed that they had the divine right over the land. The Christian Knights took a bow that they would fight to their last breath to eliminate
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Ruz-Mora 2 the Muslims and take over the Holy Land. In her essay Madeleine Albright discusses that "studies indicate that wars with a religious component last longer and are fought more savagely than other conflicts"(Madeleine Albright 2). The Crusades lasted for many years and thousands of people died just because they wanted control over the Holy Land. The Christian Knights or Crusaders fought and died bravely because they thought that they were doing this in the name of God, so if they died it was an honorary death. This entire war was just because the Christians thought that their beliefs and faith was different than the others, so they wanted to annihilate them and take their land.
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