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PHY 2048: General Physics I Summer A (Term 2) 2010 Lecture: MTWR 1:00–3:10 Room: GN 102 Instructor: Dr. Korey D Sorge Text: Physics: For Scientists and Engineers , 7th Edition by Serway and Jewett Web: course homepage on “BlackBoard” ( link ) Homework handled by the University of Texas Homework Service ( link ) Office Hours: TR 9:00–10:30 Office: Lab: Email: ksorge at fau dot edu (or through BlackBoard) Phone: (561) 297-1364 Course Description Prerequisite: MAC 2311 or MAC 2253 Intended for Science majors, this course surveys the fundamental laws and phenomena of mechanics, fluids, heat, wave motion and sound. There is an emphasis placed on mathematical analysis of physical problems. ( Note: This is Part 1 of the Calculus-based introductory Physics sequence. If you would like to in in the Algebra-based introductory Physics sequence, the first part is listed as PHY 2053 – College Physics I. ) Lecture Lecture will be a rather diverse presentation of major concepts in the course. It will consist of. .. demonstrations that exhibit relevant concepts, presentation and development of concepts through lecture, in-class questions to get you from quantitative to qualitative understanding, as well as movies, games, and web materials. Attendance at lectures is vital to understanding the material. This is especially true during the accelerated summer session. An iClicker voting remote will be required. It will be used for real-time analysis of where the class is as well as in-class “mini quizzes.” The remote can be registered to you here (the “Student ID” is your MyFAU/Blackboard ID). TA Office Hours If you feel uncomfortable coming to my office, or if your schedule conflicts with my office hours, the course has three TAs—Andreas Kyriacou, Amanda Chatterton and Binod Nainabasti. On Mondays, Binod will hold office hours in SE 421 from 3:30–5:00 pm. On Wednesdays, Amanda will hold office hours in SE 101 from 11:30–1 pm and Andreas will hold office hours in SE 140 from 3:30–5:00 pm. 1
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Homework Homework will be managed by the University of Texas Homework Service . This is an easy-to-use on-line homework system that is free for students to use (as opposed to the service associated with the book). Expect to do roughly 5 questions per lecture. Doing additional problems from the book is encouraged. To use this service requires getting a “UT EID.” An instruction sheet for getting this ID and registering with this class is found later in this document. Assignment Due Date Due Time (EDT) HW 1 May 20 12:00pm (noon) HW 2 May 25 12:00pm (noon) HW 3 May 26 7:00pm HW 4 June 3 12:00pm (noon) HW 5 June 8 12:00pm (noon) HW 6 June 9 7:00pm HW 7 June 16 12:00pm (noon) HW 8 June 21 12:00pm (noon) HW 9 June 23 7:00pm Exams There will be three (3) exams. Exam 1
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SyllabusPhysicsSummer10 - PHY 2048: General Physics I...

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