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2-2 example11 - Student Grady Silnonton Course Mathll9...

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Unformatted text preview: Student: Grady Silnonton Course: Mathll9: Elementary Statistics - Spring 2.010 - CRN: 49239 Instructor: Shawn Parvini - 16 weeks Date: 2/18/10 Book: Triola: Elementary Statistics, lle Time: 11:04 ANI Listed below are blood groups of 0, A, B, and AB of randomly selected blood donors. Construct a table summarizing the frequency distribution of these blood groups. A 0 AB A 0 AB AB 0 A A A A O 0 AB B O B A AB 0 A AB B AB A B B B O A A B A AB 0 A 0 The frequency of each blood group category is the number of times that blood group occurs in the sample of donors. There are 10 donors in the sample with blood group 0. There are 14 donors in the sample with blood group A. There are 7 donors in the sample with blood group B. There are 9 donors in the sample with blood group AB. Now use these frequencies to construct a frequency distribution. The completed frequency distribution is shown below. Blood Group Frequency 0 10 A 14 B 'r' AB 9 Page 1 ...
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