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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Department of Electrical Engineering EE 200 Digital Logic Circuit Design Dr. H. Ragheb HW No. 7 (Due Nov. 29) 1- Design a full subtractor, that is, a circuit which computes c b a , where c is the borrow from the next less significant digit and produces a difference, d , and a borrow from the next more significant bit, p. 2- Design an adder to add two decimal digits (plus a carry in), where the digits are stored in BCD code. (Assume that none or the unused combinations of input variables ever occur). The output is the code for a decimal digit plus the carry out. 3- A 4-bit BCD number is assumed to have an even parity bit. Draw the truth table
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Unformatted text preview: indicating the parity bit column giving 1 to the parity bit for the states which are not included in the BCD. Let the parity bit represent the error-detection function. Design a combinational circuit for the error detection. 4-We have a decoder with three inputs, a, b, and c and eight active low outputs, labeled 0 through 7. In addition, there is an active low enable input EN . We wish to implement the following function using the decoder and as few NAND gates as possible. Show the block diagram ∑ = ) 15 , 9 , 7 , 3 , 1 ( ) , , , ( m e c b a f...
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