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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Department of Electrical Engineering EE 200 Digital Logic Circuit Design Dr. H. Ragheb HW No. 2 (Due Sat. Oct. 2) 1- Show a truth table for the following functions: a- Z Y X Z Y Y X F + + = . b- ) )( ( Z Y Z X Y X G + + + = . 2- Determine using truth tables, whether or not each of the groups of expressions are equal: a- c a b a c a f + + = c a ac bc g + + = . b- R Q PR Q P f + + = PRQ Q g + = 3- Use the Boolean algebra postulates and theorems to reduce the following expressions
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Unformatted text preview: to minimum sum of products form. Show each step (number of terms and number of literals in minimum shown in parentheses) a- xyz z xy + (1 term, 2 literals) b- wxz z w y x + + ) ( (2 term, 4 literals) c- z y x z y x z y x z y x z y x + + + + (2 term, 3 literals) d- c b a c b a c b a c b a f + + + = (3 term, 6 literals)...
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