ME83_2008 - ME 083 Fall 2008 Structure and Properties of...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 083 Fall 2008 Structure and Properties of Solids Course Objectives, Grading Policy, and Course Syllabus [v2.0] Course Schedule Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 10.20 AM – 11.10 AM Room: 125 Hudson Lab (ME83-01L): Wednesday 3.05PM - 5.30 PM in 115A Hudson Lab (ME83-02L): Friday 3.05PM - 5.30 PM in 115A Hudson Instructor Prof. Stefano Curtarolo, 233 Hudson Hall, Phone: 660-5506 e-mail: [email protected] (please write [ME83] in the subject line, all other emails will be junked) Course assistants Teaching/laboratory: Kristine Obusek, CIEMAS 3304C, 660-5372, [email protected] Teaching/laboratory: Angus Hucknall, TBA TBA [email protected] Laboratory Manager: Milan Simonovic, Hudson 150A, 660-5161, [email protected] Laboratory Manager: Patrick McGuire, Hudson 152, 660-5261, [email protected] Grader: TBA, [email protected] Office Hours Curtarolo: Monday 11.10-12.30 and by appointment Kristine Obusek (Laboratory): Monday 11.30-13.00 (or by appointment) Angus Hucknall: (Laboratory): TBA (or by appointment) Milan Simonovic: (Laboratory): Monday-Friday, 9.00-17.00 Patrick Mc Guire: (Laboratory): Monday-Friday, 9.00-17.00 GRADER (Homeworks/Solutions): TBA (contact for location) Web-Site Text Book J. Shaffer, et al. , The Science and Design of Engineering Materials (second edition) ISBN: 0-256-24766-8, McGraw Hill, (1999) Homeworks Homeworks are handed out every TBA and are due the following TBA, at the beginning of the class . Course Description Introduction to the structure and properties of solid materials, emphasizing the relationships between the structure of a solid and its properties. Atomic and molecular origins of electrical, mechanical, and chemical behavior are treated in some detail for metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, glasses, and composite materials. Lectures are accompanied by laboratory work. Prerequisites: Chemistry 11L and Mathematics 31 or 33. 1 Learning Objectives Students successfully completing ME 83L will be able to: (1) describe and discuss material properties and behavior in scientific and quantitative terms (2) understand and describe the intimate link between material structure, properties and processing...
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This note was uploaded on 05/21/2010 for the course EGR 83 taught by Professor Curtarolo during the Spring '08 term at Duke.

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ME83_2008 - ME 083 Fall 2008 Structure and Properties of...

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