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Unformatted text preview: Phy63 Spring 2010 QUIZ 2 Name: K 6% Rec: _ (D=Vk k=21tl7L V=7tf v M F {92$} _. l. (223/ I [1' (32:1? — 1:2 5322? Total phase— or path—difference conditions for interference (in units of 7t): (1) 0, ?t, 22, 32., (2) M2, 3212, 51/2, 712, For standing waves: (3) N2, 3M2, 52.12, 722, (4) M4, 3M4, 5M4, 7M4, (a) I = 4L, cos2(9/2); (b) I = 410 sin2(8/2) where 8 is total hase difference. P 1. Two identical pulses, each symmetrical about its center point but of opposite polarity, travel toward each other. At the instant when the pulses overlap exactly, the wave function is zero everywhere, and the energy is stored as potential energy in the string (1 point): T @3 2. An advanced jungle civilization communicates between observation posts on treetops using sinusoidal waves on a taut string (in a noisy environment without direct line of sight). To double the wave length of the wave while keeping the same frequency on that same string, it is necessary to: a. Double the tension T b. Half the tension T \l 53 35S: :1 \ 531. (c) Quadruple the tension T d. Quarter the tension T e. Cannot be done with any of the above solutions. ...
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