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5_pdfsam_Quiz 7-10 solutions

5_pdfsam_Quiz 7-10 solutions - Phy63 Spring 2010 1 In a...

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Unformatted text preview: Phy63 Spring 2010 1. In a hydrogen atom, to a good approximation, the principal quantum number n of the wave function determines the radius and thus the energy. In fact, neglecting other contributions for the moment, the difference in energy between the n—th and (n+1)-th energy levels is approximately proportional to 1/713 for n much larger than 1. (1 point): ' _ _. = i i loft-9. h-l'i ,KZ 3) RV ' #— »— —-—"_' c “'1 ® - _'. F _ ill OW)” h4+1ws+mz iW’TjL In, 2. According to Hund's rule, the atomic cenfiguration maximizes the total electron spin. Accordingly, the electronic configuration of the sulfur atom, with atomic number Z n 16, is given by ( TN denote spin orientation) (2 points).- ; a. 13211?st 2p ’N Na N b. 1322322p62dT~L N 1‘ T @1322522p63s23pn T 1‘ (1. 13223221963523th N e. ls2 252 2p6 3s2 3p 1‘ 1‘ T T ...
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