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BARUCH COLLEGE Professor Malca Economics 1002 Spring 2010 Macroeconomics Office : Vertical Campus 10-217 Dr. Edward Malca EXT. 3486 E-Mail edward . [email protected] . cuny . edu Purpose and Objective : To help the student think clearly and independently in an ever changing economic environment. This will be accomplished through discussion of major economic concepts and how they are very relevant in life. Class participation is highly encouraged. Text : Principles of Macroeconomics (9 th edition) Case and Fair – Pearson/Prentice Hall 2009 Also regular reading of the Wall Street Journal and/or The New York Times . There will be two midterm exams (No make ups) 30% each and a final exam 40%.
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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Economics - A Review Chap 1-4 Introduction to Macroeconomics Chap 5 National Output and Income Chap 6 Growth, Productivity, Unemployment and Inflation Chap 7 1 st Exam 02/25/10 Aggregate Expenditure Equilibrium Chap 8 Government and Fiscal Policy Chap 9 Federal Reserve and Money Supply Chap 10 Interest Rates and Monetary Policy Chap 11 2 nd Exam 03/25/10 Money, Interest Rates and Output Chap 12 Labor Markets Chap 14 Policy Timing, Deficit Targeting, and Stock Market Effects Chap 15 Debate in Macroeconomic Theory Chap 18 Final Exam Week of 05/18 – 05/25/10...
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