3D Glasses

3D Glasses - eyes pieces. Tape red and blue lenses onto the...

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Materials Needed: Cardstock Clear plastic (sandwich bags, transparency sheets, red/blue mylar or acetate sheets) Red Permanent Marker Blue Permanent Marker Scotch Tape Scissors Print out template at actual size (100%) on cardstock Cut out pieces. Save one of the eye hole pieces to use as a template for cutting out the plastic. Use red and blue permanent markers to color a red and clue area on plastic. Let plastic sit undisturbed until marker dries. Use one of the eye hole pieces you saved from step 4 as a template to cut out your red and blue
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Unformatted text preview: eyes pieces. Tape red and blue lenses onto the back of the glasses. Make sure the red piece is covering the left eye hole and the blue piece is covering the right eye hole. Use tape to attach ear pieces to side of glasses. Fold down other side of glasses to enclose the plastic lenses and ear piece ends inside. Tape it closed. Decorate as you see fit....
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