Assign 3.1-Executive Position

Assign 3.1-Executive Position - Dianna L Pittman BC 607...

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BC 607: Leading from a Global Perspective Executive Position Hire Woman Expatriate? ABC Widgets Date: August 18, 2009 This report has been prepared to advise and provide justification to the Board of Directors of ABC Widgets on whether to expatriate Kathy Sutherland to the recently vacated position of Sales Manager of our Beijing, China operations. The position was previously held by John Jones who while extremely reputable in the Chinese region, his loyalty left something to be desired as he abruptly vacated the position for one with LINlin our Beijing competitor. This position must be filled within the next three months. I have gathered and documented the ethical, legal, and business implications for expatriating Ms. Sutherland to the Beijing office. Candidate History Ms. Sutherland was born and raised in Vander, New York. She graduated at the top of her class from Vander High School. She graduated with a B.S. in International Management, Suma cum Laude, from the University of South Carolina—Columbia, where she was selected and attended a one year business course in Beijing. She received her M.B.A. in International Management from Brigham Young University, also at the top of her class. In 1993, Ms. Sutherland was recruited by, VitAlex Incorporated, our major competitor as Assistant Sales Director. She remained loyal to the company for over a decade, even when they passed her over for several well deserved promotions. During her tenure with VitAlex, Ms. Sutherland served as an international marketing liaison serving the leisure, tourism and entertainment industries across the US and Europe. Ms. Sutherland has researched, packaged, negotiated, and concluded marketing and sponsorship campaigns for a variety of consumer and cause related projects, and has garnered the financial support of many high profile corporations like Miller Brewing, Coca Cola, AT & T, Diamond Shamrock, Blockbuster Entertainment and Sebastian International. She has conducted Market Feasibility Studies for multi-million dollar projects on five of the seven continents. This led to an exemplary reputation in the international business community. Ms. Sutherland is an accomplished speaker who has presented seminars and workshops for numerous industry-related associations, and she has been a professional Mistress of Ceremonies since the age of 14. She has voiced or appeared in television and radio commercials for over 200 companies. During her tenure with VitAlex, Ms. Sutherland achieved a position as a top-ranked Account Executive, in the European market, with monthly billing exceeding $30,000. As an employee of ABC Widgets since 2003, Ms. Sutherland creates and co-ordinates numerous clients promotional events. Due to her keen ability to analyze the target demographic, ABC saw measurable increased sales. The success of her sales record has led Ms. Sutherland to a position where she currently implements over 200 sales promotions and special events per year and plans and manages an annual budget of over $2.5 million. Ethical Implications
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Assign 3.1-Executive Position - Dianna L Pittman BC 607...

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