Just quantitative vs qualitative quantitative you can

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Unformatted text preview: to hear. Just to get rid of you. Just Quantitative vs. Qualitative Quantitative You can collect two kinds of data: Quantitative: Facts and numbers Facts Qualitative: Ideas and impressions Ideas Quantitative Data Quantitative Info that is statistically analyzable Generally involves limited depth e.g.: 60% of respondents.... 60% $7.95 average price... 3 times per year... 5 out of 7... Qualitative Data Qualitative Subjective data Ideas and impressions Intended to give insight Intended insight Intended to answer: “Why?” May involve smaller sample size Mail Survey Mail Advantages Advantages Relatively low cost Relatively Can send anywhere No interviewer bias (you can’t bully, plead, flatter someone in a different city) Mail Survey Mail Disadvantages Poor...
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