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Chemist Summary Through out the whole project, I provide ideas for the magic show presentation and the transportation to purchase the materials needed for the project. With acknowledge of the ideas of the presentation, I help to list down the materials that is needed for the presentation and provide transportation to super markets and party store to purchase the materials for the chemistry magic show. As a role of chemist, I create power point to list down concept to show how the concept work and how it reflects to what we learned from
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Unformatted text preview: our own chemistry class. We learned the concept with the labs of neutralization we dealt with using phenolphthalein pH indicator. I also help to research the reason how the phenolphthalein pH indicator combines with sodium carbonate and water solution can turn clear water into red. I also explain the concept of turning the red solution back to clear with the neutralization of the lime juice. The ideas of the concept are listed on the power point for the clearance of the project....
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