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The BUSN115 final exam is 3 pages long. It is a timed exam worth 250 points that you may enter only once. You have 3.5 hours to complete the exam. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions worth 5 points each. There are 5 essay questions worth 20 points each. Be sure to save and save often while you are working on the exam, and submit the exam when you are finished. To earn full credit your response to each essay question should answer the question completely and average 2 – 3 paragraphs in length. The exam reflects the following course objectives and possible topics: TCO 1 Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 13 and 15 Weeks 1, 2, 4 and 5 Given a description of a typical business, demonstrate how that business acts within our economic system to achieve its goals as well as those of society, along with an understanding of how the future may impact these goals. Understand the relationship and interaction of supply and demand in the economy. Be able to define, differentiate and provide examples of a market, command and mixed economy. Define and discuss the fiscal and monetary policy role of the federal government and its respective agencies. List and define the foundations of capitalism. Apply the “Invisible Hand” to a market economy. Explain productivity and its relationship to international trade. Relate political systems to their respective economic system Describe the demographic trends Define and apply common economic indicators TCO 2 Chapter 4 Week 3 Given the importance of ethics in business, be able to understand and address ethical dilemmas that may occur in workplace activities and offer suggestions to prevent their recurrence. Define and discuss the ethical and social responsibility of business. List and explain business stakeholders. Describe and apply a business code of ethics. Explain compliance-based business ethics. TCO 3
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BUSN115_FinalExam_StudyGuide - BUSN115 Final Exam Study...

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