BUS155 week 7 hw - 1 Questio From the annual reports you...

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1 . Questio n: From the annual reports you previewed, what is the company’s corporate strategy? What are their company goals and were they successful in achieving those goals? Please list the company of the annual report you previewed. Your Answer : Whole food is a grocery store chain that sells high end organic only food that protects the environment by discouraging the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides to grow agricultural products.It's growth strategy is to expand through new stores, spend less on marketing compared to conventional supermarkets and instead rely mostly on word of mouth to get sales and repeat costumers. Whole foods has opened 177 stores on the usa,3 stores in canada and 6 on the UK.The company believes that the company would double sales in the next 4 years.Since 2002 sales grew from 2,690,475 to 3,148,593 on 2003, 3,864,950 on 2004 , 4701,289 on 2005, then 5,607,376 on 2006.It has 41,500 employees.Expenses is controlled with the most expense at 63 percent on buying goods and only 24 percent on salary and benefits.Even if the company predict a slowdown because of the country's economic condition, increase competition from stores that sell more organic goods,from spending on new stores, and other factors the company still expect to outperform its rivals in profit on 2007.In fact it is on its 3rd year of double digit growth.Therefore based on these factors i conclude that whole foods corporate strategy is successful because it is expanding, it is increasing its sales, and giving away 3 stock splits on 2005. In addition its growth allowed whole foods to be included in the s and p 500 index and fortune's annual best
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BUS155 week 7 hw - 1 Questio From the annual reports you...

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