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A2_371F09 - submission unacceptable after this date(you can...

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ActSc 371 F2009 Assignment Two Solve the following chapter-end questions in 5th Canadian Ed. Use a spreadsheet program if nec- essary. Students are expected to solve all even-numbered questions with the given solutions for the tests. Due date: Nov 10(Tue) during 1:00-2:00 at MC 6128 (This is office hour held by Xumeng(Meg) liu) Use the problem number in this assignment, not the question number of the textbook If your assignment is not stapled properly, 5 points will be deducted AND you will get zeros for all those lost pages. Late submission penalty: -5 points if you submit it on the due date, but after the deadline;
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Unformatted text preview: submission unacceptable after this date (you can always submit it earlier) • A copy of the textbook is on reserve in DC library (reserve no. UWD 1542) Problems: 70 points in total 1. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 6.27 2. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 6.33 3. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 7.11 (Read text pp.187-191 for the incremental IRR) 4. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 7.23 (Hint: Solve 7.22 first) 5. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 8.9 6. [5 pts] Solve Text Question 8.17 7. [5 pts] Solve Text Question 23.3 8. [10 pts] Solve Text Question 23.24 with the following change: The strike price is $ 55....
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