In these cases you must use maples evalf command

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Unformatted text preview: ider 2 x5 + 1 ex dx 1 In Maple, if you entered [> int(sqrt(x∧5 + 1)*exp(x), x=1..2); Maple returns the unevaluated integral since it can not perform an exact calculation for this question. In these cases, you must use Maple’s evalf command (evaluate to a floating-point answer) to receive an approximation of the integral. 1 For more information, see ?int in Maple. i B.A. Forrest Calculus II Maple Assignment In Maple try entering the following to get an approximation for this integral: [> evalf( int(sqrt(x∧5 + 1)*exp(x), x=1..2) ); Calculate the following integrals by hand using pencil and paper. Once you are done, calculate the same integrals in Maple to check your work. You do not have to submit your work for this question. Question 1(a): 4 (1 0 Question 1(b): 5 (2ex 0 Question 1(c): π /2 (csc(x) π/3 + 3x − x2 ) dx + 4 cos(x)) dx HINT: Recall ex is exp(x) in Maple. cot(x)) dx HINT: Recall π is Pi in Maple. Question 2: Partial Fractions Objective: Use Maple to derive partial fraction decompositions and use them to evaluate integrals of rational functions. A rational function takes the form P (x)/Q(x), where P (x) and Q(...
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