Use maple to nd a partial fraction decomposition for

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Unformatted text preview: you can calculate the integral by hand since you should know how to integrate each of the terms of the decomposition. Alternately, you could use Maple to integrate the partial fraction decomposition (in the manner similar to Question 1). Use Maple to find a partial fraction decomposition for each of the following questions and then evaluate (by hand) the integral of each partial fraction to determine the integral of the rational function. Submit both your hand written answers and a printout of your work in Maple with this assignment. Question 2(a): 4x3 −27x2 +5x−32 30x5 −13x4 +50x3 −286x2 −299x−70 Question 2(b): 4.09x+1.24 2.97x2 +0.37x−4.15 dx dx ii B.A. Forrest Calculus II Maple Assignment Question 3: Arc Length Objective: Use Maple to determine the lengths of curves. Given a curve whose graph is the differentiable function y = f (x) from x = a to x = b, then its length is given by: b L= 1+( a dy 2 ) dx dx The difficulty in finding lengths of curves is due to the squar...
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