Assign10 - sponds to (iii).) # 6 Note: c in ( t ) = 0 for...

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AMath 250 ASSIGNMENT 10 Fall 2008 Submit all problems by the end of the day on Monday, December 1 st in the drop boxes across from MC4066. All solutions must be clearly stated and fully justified . This assignment is about 6 7 th as long as a normal assignment, which is why you have 6 7 th of the time to do it. However, the TA won’t be emptying the drop box until noon on Tuesday (hint). From Problem Set 5, do: # 5(b)(ii)(iii) (You don’t need to do all of the permutations; (ii) corresponds to (ii) and (iii) corre-
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Unformatted text preview: sponds to (iii).) # 6 Note: c in ( t ) = 0 for part (e) as well. Also note that the vector DE is only non-dimensionalized with respect to t and not also with respect to m . For extra practice, you could try doing the question with the fully non-dimensionalized DE (which you would find), and make sure the answers agree when re-dimensionalized....
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