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Reproductive Learning Objectives Due Thursday, June 10 th 1. Define the following terms: gamete, gonads, oocyte, spermatozoa, ovum 2. Know figure 27.1 (male reproductive organs), page 1066. 3. What are the functions of interstitial cells, seminiferous tubules and rete testes. 4. What is the epididymus, and what is its function? 5. What are the accessory glands of the male reproductive system? What are their functions? 6. What are the components of semen? 7. Briefly describe the process of spermatogenesis, as depicted on page 1077 and figure 27.8 on page 1078. 8. What is the role of sustentacular cells? 9. What are the roles of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in sexual arousal (both male and female)? In your answer, include the mechanisms involved. 10. What is the mechanism of hormonal regulation of spermatogenesis and androgen
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Unformatted text preview: production? Which glands are involved? 11. Know figure 27.11 (female reproductive system) on page 1082. 12. Know figure 27.12a (ovary) on page 1083. 13. Know figure 27.14 (internal reproductive organs of the female) on page 1085. 14. What is the function of the uterine tube? 15. What are the layers of the uterine wall? 16. Name the ligaments that support the ovaries. 17. Briefly describe the process of oogenesis as depicted in figure 27.19 on page 1092. 18. Briefly summarize the stages of the ovarian cycle? 19. What hormones are involved in each stage of the ovarian cycle? 20. What are the estrogen-induced secondary sex characteristics exhibited in females? 21. What are the testosterone-induced secondary sex characteristics exhibited in males? 22. Know the hormonal regulation of ovarian activity....
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