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Chapter 19 Cardiovascular Physiology/ Blood Vessels Learning Objectives Due Thursday, April 29 th 1. What are the major structural and functional differences between arteries and veins? 2. What is vasa vasorum? 3. What is the function of elastic arteries? 4. What are the three different types of capillaries and how do they differ functionally? 5. Why are veins considered blood reservoirs? 6. Describe varicose veins. 7. What are the factors affecting blood pressure? 8. Define systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse pressure and MAP. 9. Define atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. 10. What is the definition of arterial anastomoses? 11. What is the function of valves in veins? 12. What are the factors that affect peripheral resistance? 13. What are the factors affecting venous return to the heart? 14. Know the factors affecting cardiac output as depicted in figure 19.7 on page 727. 15. How do baroreceptor reflexes help maintain blood pressure? (Know figure 19.8 on
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Unformatted text preview: page 728). 16. Know table 19.2 (factors affecting blood pressure). 17. Know figure 19.9, page 730 (hormonal mechanisms for renal control of blood pressure). 18. What is essential hypertension and what are the factors affecting it? 19. Know figure 19.14 on page 736 (Summary of control of arteriolar smooth muscle in systemic circulation). 20. What are the processes that move material across typical capillary walls (briefly describe each). 21. Define circulatory shock, hypovolemic, vascular, and cardigenic shocks. 22. Know the major arteries of the systemic circulation (figure 19.20 on page 747). 23. What is the circle of Willis and what are the arteries contributing to its structure? 24. Know the major veins of the systemic circulation (figure 19.25 on page 759). 25. What is hepatic portal circulation and what is its function? 1...
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