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Respiratory System Learning Objectives Due Thursday, May 13 th 1. What are the major functions of the respiratory system? 2. What are the main components of the respiratory tract? 3. What is the function of the nasal mucosa and nasal cavity (conchae)? 4. Where are the paranasal sinuses found, and what are their functions? 5. What are the three unpaired cartilages of the larynx? 6. What are structures of the conducting zone of the respiratory system? 7. What accounts for the different size and shape of the lungs? 8. Describe the structural changes from the trachea to the end of the conducting zone. 9. Briefly describe type I and type II cells of the respiratory membrane. 10. What structures make up the respiratory membrane? What is its function? 11. Why are the lungs prone to blockage by blood clots? 12. Briefly describe the pleura and its function. 13. What is the significance of intrapleural pressure?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Summarize the mechanism of inspiration and expiration as it is depicted in Figure 22.13 on page 848 15. What is the significance of surface tension? 16. What is pleurisy? 17. What is hypoxia? 18. Briefly explain Boyle’s law? 19. Name the major muscles of respiration. 20. What is the stimulus for initiating breathing? 21. Briefly explain Dalton’s and Henry’s Laws. 22. What are the pulmonary functional tests and what do they indicate? 23. What are the relative partial pressures of gases in the atmosphere? 24. What accounts for the efficiency of gas exchange at the respiratory membrane? 25. What is hemoglobin saturation and what factors affect it? 26. What is the Bohr Effect? 27. How are CO 2 and O 2 transported in the blood? 28. What structures in the brain are responsible for respiration? 29. What are the common features of COPD?...
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