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digestive_case_study - administration of antacids and...

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Bio 242 Digestive Case Study Thursday, June 3 rd A 50-year-old ANP instructor complained of a burning, moderately severe pain, almost always in the epigastric region. The pain is absent when he awakens, appears in midmorning, and is relieved by food but recurs two to three hours after a meal. The pain often awakens him at 1 or 2 a.m. Gastric analysis demonstrated that the gastric juice pH was 1.9. Fasting serum gastrin levels were normal. Recommended treatment for him was
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Unformatted text preview: administration of antacids and histamine (H2) receptor antagonists. 1. What is the diagnosis of this individual? 2. What is the significance of doing a fasting serum gastrin level? 3. What is the function of taking antacids? 4. How do the H2 antagonists act in treating this disorder? 5. What type of dietary and behavioral recommendations would also be suggested for this person?...
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  • serum gastrin levels, moderately severe pain, serum gastrin, fasting serum gastrin, 50-year-old ANP instructor

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