IE 398 Recitation 4 - 26.03.2010 I E398 - Systems Thinking...

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Unformatted text preview: 26.03.2010 I E398 - Systems Thinking Spring 2010 Recitation 4 Example – 1 DEL ICIOUS & FRESH INC. is a frozen food company in Turkey which has been selling frozen fruits and vegetables to individual customers through supermarkets in 11 count ries of Europe for 9 years. The company has 8 subcontractors spread geographically for different fresh produce and also has own i ts agricultural unit; that is, it does not only subcontract with different suppliers, collect and store raw materials, but also grow fresh fruits and vegetables on i ts own. Suppose an industrial engineer in the purchasing department of the company is t rying to build the annual aggregate plan for purchases. E xample – 2 EGO Ankara serves Ankara citizens as a means of inner-city t ransportation service provider. EGO, now, has 1926 buses of different models and ages in total to serve the whole city; and this f leet is becoming insufficient to achieve a desired service quality level against the population growth in Ankara. T hus, capacity planning studies are conducted for a better service in innercity t ransportation. Suppose an industrial engineer in EGO, Ankara is working on a capacity p lanning project for EGO and t rying to determine the total number of buses required for Ankara inner-city t ransportation for the next year. a ) Consider the view of the decision makers in these two examples and t he corresponding systems described above. Who are the stakeholders in each decision maker’s problem situation? Do these systems exhibit chaotic behavior? Can you give examples of chaos in space and chaos in time i n t hese systems? b) I n what ways do these systems exhibit complex behavior? Discuss t he complex behavior of these systems with regard to the 6 properties of complexity discussed in B aranger’s “Chaos, Complexity and Entropy” . What a re the scales that can be separated? ...
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IE 398 Recitation 4 - 26.03.2010 I E398 - Systems Thinking...

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