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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 99| File Manipulations File - From the Perspective of the Computer File - Just another Kind of Stream The First Look Opening Files | fopen() Reading From Files | fscanf() Writing to Files | fprintf() Closing Files | fclose() Inquiring End-Of-File | feof() Example | Data File Processing Readings Exercises CSC 1500 { Lecture 99 1 Overview General input/output for les. Files must be opened before use. Files must be closed after use. Basic le operations: reading, writing, and appending. CSC 1500 { Lecture 99 2 File - From the Perspective of the Computer Hard Disk Autoexec.bat Config.sys bcc32.exe hello.c hello.obj hello.exe assignment1.c stdio.h ctype.h math.h ... #include <stdio.h> #define PI 3.1 int main(void) { int i; /* ... */ return 0; } #include <stdio.h>\n#define PI 3.1\nint main(void)\n{\n... CSC 1500 { Lecture 99 3 File - Just another Kind of Stream Keyboard input is considered as an input stream. Monitor screen output is considered as an output stream. Similarly, a File is considered as another input stream when we read its content from the disk. Likewise, a File is considered as another output stream when we write its content to the disk. keyboard monitor read le write le ! ! input stream output stream input stream output stream ! scanf()/getchar()/... printf()/putchar()/... ! fscanf()/... fprintf()/... CSC 1500 { Lecture 99 4 The First Look #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { FILE* int fptr ICQnumber /* open a file */ /* process the file */ /* read its content */ fptr=fopen("contact.txt...
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