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Structure variables can be de ned just like variables

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Unformatted text preview: e has yet been allocated. Structure variables can be de ned just like variables of simple data types, as follows: struct date today today day month year CSC 1500 { Lecture 11 6 More Examples struct complex { double double } struct employee { char char float } enum suits {CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES} struct card { enum suits int } suit rank name 50] position salary real imaginary CSC 1500 { Lecture 11 7 Accessing struct Members #include <stdio.h> struct date { int day int month int year } int main(void) { struct date today today.day = 25 today.month = 12 today.year = 1997 if (today.day==25 && today.month==12) printf("Merry X'mas!\n") return 0 } Members of a struct variables can be accessed using the selection operator '.'. The general format is as follows: struct_var.member where struct var is a struct variable and member is...
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