That is no variables should be involved in the

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Unformatted text preview: t int int } struct date birthday = {5, 12, 91} The initial values should be constant values or constant expressions. That is, no variables should be involved in the initializer expressions. For automatic struct variables, if fewer initializers are listed than the number of members in the struct, values of the remaining members are unde ned. CSC 1500 { Lecture 11 10 The Use of typedef and struct #include <stdio.h> struct date { int day int month int year } typedef struct date date_t int main(void) { date_t int today, dob age printf("Date of birth (dd mm yy)? ") scanf("%d %d %d", &, &dob.month, &dob.year) printf("Today (dd mm yy)? ") scanf("%d %d %d", &, &today.month, &today.year) if (today.month > dob.month || (today.month == dob.month && >...
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