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GES1310 Comprehending the City Lecture 6 City: Landscape of differences Lecture outline • Geographic perception –Sense of p lace • City as gendered space – Time geography • City as ethnicised space • Disability and the city • Equal opportunities in Hong Kong Diverse geographic perceptions • We perceive urban environment differently depending on class, age, religious, ethnicity, or gender etc. as well as our own unique personal experiences. • Different “sense of place” Sense of place • The way we perceive our environment, how we feel about it emotionally, how we use it, and what we know about it, how we feel that we “belong” to a particular landscape • Extensive usage in the literatures of social geography, landscape architecture, and urban planning • Recently in research about rural community development, sustainable tourism, and outdoor recreation City as gendered space • What do you consider as “women’s place”? • and “men’s place?” Men’s space, women’s space • Gendered view of city space: – Role difference
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Gendered movement in cities Female tend to: • Have part-time work, often lower-paid • Be responsible for child rearing ( x inhibits mobility) • Less likely to have a car in North America and Europe x Different transport behaviour Time Geography • Developed by Törsten Hägerstrand (1970s) • A perspective on the temporal-spatial structuring of social life • Describes the paths taken by individuals to fulfil their everyday tasks, or projects, using 3-D time-space Time Geography • Jacqueline Tivers (1985) Women Attached: The Daily Lives to Women with Young Children
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L6%20Landscape%20of%20differences - Lecture outline GES1310...

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