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GES1310 Comprehending the City Lecture 6 City: Landscape of differences Lecture outline Geographic perception – Sense of place City as gendered space Time geography City as ethnicised space Disability and the city Equal opportunities in Hong Kong Diverse geographic perceptions We perceive urban environment differently depending on class, age, religious, ethnicity, or gender etc. as well as our own unique personal experiences. Different “sense of place” Sense of place The way we perceive our environment, how we feel about it emotionally, how we use it, and what we know about it, how we feel that we “belong” to a particular landscape Extensive usage in the literatures of social geography, landscape architecture, and urban planning Recently in research about rural community development, sustainable tourism, and outdoor recreation City as gendered space What do you consider as “women’s place”? and “men’s place?” Men’s space, women’s space Gendered view of city space: Role difference Biological difference (difference in physical strength) Different patterns of movement
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Gendered movement in cities Female tend to: Have part-time work, often lower-paid Be responsible for child rearing ( x inhibits mobility) Less likely to have a car in North America and Europe x Different transport behaviour Time Geography Developed by Törsten Hägerstrand (1970s) A perspective on the temporal-spatial structuring of social life Describes the paths taken by individuals to fulfil their everyday tasks, or projects, using 3-D time-space Time Geography Jacqueline Tivers (1985) Women Attached:
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