L04TransportA0304 - GES 1310 Comprehending the City Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: GES 1310 Comprehending the City Dr. HUANG Y. Lucy Shaw College Department of Geography and Resource Management The Chinese University of Hong Kong Transportation and its Related Issues Role of transport systems in the city ¡ Connecting various functional elements of the city ¡ Directing the pattern of city growth Close interactive relationships among ¡ the transportation network ¡ the city morphology (shape and form) ¡ the spatial patterns of city functions Evolution of the transport system E E v v o o l l u u t t i i o o n n o o f f t t h h e e t t r r a a n n s s p p o o r r t t s s y y s s t t e e m m Urban functions Transport technology Transportation system Urban form Stage1 Pre-industrial Defence, marketing, political-symbolic, craft industry pedestrian, draught- animal Route convergence, radial Compact Stage 2 Early industrial Basic industries, secondary manufacturing Electric tram, streetcar, public transport Radial improvements, incremental additions High density suburbanisation, stellate form Stage 3 Industrial Broadening industry, tertiary service expansion motor bus, public transport, early cars Additional radials, initiation of ‘ring’ roads (incomplete) Lower density suburbanisation, industrial decentralisation Stage4 Post-industrial Addition of quaternary activities Towards universal car ownership Integrated radial and circumferential road network Low density suburbanisation, widespread functional decentralisation 1 Planning strategies and problems...
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L04TransportA0304 - GES 1310 Comprehending the City Dr...

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