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Newton's Second Law Intro

Newton's Second Law Intro - D2 FORCE AND ACCELERATION...

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D2 FORCE AND ACCELERATION Objective To show the relationship between force and acceleration in a friction free environment and to illustrate the concept of mass. Apparatus An air-cushioned track provides a frictionless path for a glider pulled by a small weight on a string over a pulley. Procedure 1. Set the two photogate timers over the track and measure the distance between them (about 60 cm). Make sure the glider does not touch them as it passes under. Set the timer switches to ‘gate’. 2. Attach a weight hanger to the glider by means of a string and the other end over the pulley to the glider. Ensure that the glider clears the second photogate before the hanger touches floor. 3. Put 40 g on the glider (balanced 20 g on each side). 4. Hold the glider on the opposite to the pulley from the first photogate, turn on the blower, reset both timers and release the glider. After passing under the photogates the timers should read the length of time the glider took to pass under. Record these times as t 1
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